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Shania Twain Gets Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Bo Derek is on hand for the honor.

photo by Tammie Arroyo

Shania Twain and her new husband, Frédéric Thiébaud, were on hand in Hollywood last week as the Canadian superstar received the 2,442nd star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

Calling her a “straight-arrow friend who shares a love of horses and a love of privacy in a very public profession,” actress and model Bo Derek recounted how she first met the country music star. “I met Shania 16 years ago and Shania was unknown at the time. She cold-called us and wanted to be photographed by my husband John. She knew exactly what she wanted and hung in there until she got it.” The session resulted in her album cover for The Woman in Me

Shania thanked her sister Carrie and her husband, Fred, saying “they are my foundation, really.” Shania also shared a cute story of the day she had to explain her fame and success to her young son, Eja.

"It was my 6 year old son’s first day in a new school," she said. “I was putting him on the school bus, and a little girl on the school bus recognized me and said, ‘Shania Twain, you’re a star!’ I just smiled at her enthusiasm, not sure what else to say, as I could see that my son, being only 6 years old, was a bit perplexed. I sensed it was awkward for him, this ‘star mommy’ moment in front of other kids. At his young age, he’d never heard of me referred to as a star by other children in that setting.

“When he got home from school that day, he asked me, ‘What does famous mean? The other kids at school told me you were famous. Is that why people always want to take your picture and get you to sign your name?’ I explained, ‘You’re famous when a lot of people know who you are, like you and all of your friends know Luke Skywalker or Indiana Jones. They became famous as characters in movies and we call them stars. A lot of people know Mommy’s music, and now they call me a star, too."


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