It's been five years since Shania Twain's last album, and the long-awaited release of her newest project, "UP," will finally hit stores on November 19.

However, Shania doesn't seem worried about taking an extended break -- she's happy with the way her new album turned out.

"Five years is a really long time," she says. "So if this album does half as good as the last one, it should be around at least two or three years."

Record sales, however, are not at the forefront of her mind. Shania says that her and record producer husband Mutt Lange "just wanted to put something together that would be bigger and better. As a team, Mutt and I put more into this than ever before."

The result? "When I put this music on, I don't know whether to cry or to jump for joy," says Shania. "I just feel so emotional about it because it's truly been a big, big effort from both of us."


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