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Scotty McCreery Maturing With New Album

There comes a time in every young man’s life when he must make the crucial decision—one that will ultimately have a direct effect on his future career and personal life.

To keep the dang “Y” or drop the dang “Y.”

“It depends on the day,” says platinum-selling artist and American Idol season 10 champ Scotty McCreery, admitting that he occasionally writes Scott (without the "Y") on his college papers. “I remember during American Idol when they called to ask what I wanted to be known by, and we had to hang up and talk about it. It’s one of those things that is tough to decide. I mean, what if there was a Ken Chesney or a Ken Rogers or, heck, a John Cash. That would be weird!”

Indeed, while the 19-year-old singer is looking for ways to mature as he continues to work on his second album, it looks as if Scotty (with the "Y") is here to stay. “I’m still a teenager, but the new album is going to be a bit more mature Scotty,” says the North Carolina State University freshman, currently headlining his own Weekend Roadtrip Tour. “I’m doing a lot more writing this time around and looking to hit on more topics that more people can relate to, some deep and touching and some lighthearted and fun. Nothing is set in stone in terms of what songs will be on the new album, but just being able to try out some new material while out on tour and get that instant reaction from the fans has been awesome.”

While the release date for the follow-up to his debut album, Clear As Day, has been pushed back to fall 2013, Scotty is far from discouraged. Besides, he already has enough on his to-do list. In addition to finding time to go in the recording studio and preparing for the release of a new single (“very soon,” he says), Scotty remains committed to his college studies, often writing papers on the tour bus. “I’m in class Monday through Wednesday and then I am either on the bus or flying to a concert,” he says. “It’s a juggling act, but I don’t look at it as two separate worlds . . . it’s just my world.”

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