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Sara Evans Speeds Back to Nashville (Just Ask the Cops!)

The singer talks new album, new babies and speeding tickets.

Multiplatinum country recording artist Sara Evans is in quite a hurry when it comes to finishing up her new album.

“I know the fans are getting a little antsy for new songs, because so am I. It takes me a long time to finish a record, though," Sara tells Country Weekly. "I live in Birmingham [Ala.], so it’s not as easy for me to get to the studio. I’m definitely working on it.”

On second thought, maybe she is in too much of a hurry.

“Crap! I’m going to get pulled over. I’ll call you back," she exclaims.

And thus goes the incredibly real life of Sara Evans. Headed to Nashville this week to continue work on the follow-up to her ultra-emotional 2011 album, Stronger, and just a couple of minutes after receiving a $250 speeding ticket from Tennessee’s finest, Sara continued to give us a little peek into the new material she is working on. 

“We have tracked four songs so far and we are spending the entire day listening to songs and meeting with publishers,” says Sara, who recently announced plans to host and perform at the Rock the South Festival in Cullman, Ala., on June 21 and 22. “We are hoping to finish tracking the record sometime in May. All of my albums have songs that show all sides of my musical personality, and this one is shaping up the same way. There is a huge collaboration on this new album. Too bad I can’t tell you who it is!”

But while the mystery collaboration will remain a secret for a bit longer, Sara was anxious to also talk about her new baby niece, Milly Jewel.

“She honestly is one of the most gorgeous babies I have ever seen,” says Sara, who admits to a desire to have more children herself.  “[My sister-in-law] KK is already dressing her with so much style and she’s not even a month old yet. We are just so proud and happy for them. My brother is 45 years old and he has been married to KK for 11 years, so it’s just very special. KK is coming back out on the road with me and will be bringing Milly, so I will just be obsessed with her. I’ll be her favorite aunt for sure.”


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