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Sara Evans to Be an Aunt/New Album in the Works

“We found out today that KK is pregnant!” the proud aunt-to-be exclaims.

Out of the seven children Sara Evans shares with football-star-turned-sportscaster-turned-hubby Jay Barker, six of them play sports. From football to basketball to softball, Sara knows firsthand what life is like on the road . . . specifically carting kids to a calendar full of practices and games. “I have a black calendar that keeps everything straight and then an even bigger book that is basically strapped to my butt at all times,” laughs Sara, who still drives around the crimson red Jeep Wrangler, complete with Alabama Crimson Tide detailing, that previous tourmates Rascal Flatts gave her earlier this year. “I simply can’t function without it. I’m not one to put dates and stuff in my phone. If I do that, I have to set up alerts and everything, and I just don’t think it’s worth it. I like to have everything written down in front of me.”

Recently nominated for three American Country Awards, Sara and her assistant/stylist/sister-in-law “KK” seem to have their hands full for at least the next six months . . . in more ways than one. “We found out today that KK is pregnant!” the proud aunt-to-be exclaims. “She is due in March, so things are bound to get interesting!”

Life doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon, as Sara prepares to go into the studio to begin work on her next album for RCA Records Nashville. “I’m really excited because the next album is almost written,” she says from her Alabama home. “I have been writing a ton in the last six months. Basically I look for 11 to 12 songs that will showcase a little bit different side of my voice and personality. So far, it’s setting up to be a real cool, lyrical album. Some of the songs say some really neat things, which is what I ultimately look for in a song. To me, if it’s a great lyric, you can pretty much do anything with it. You can’t fake a good lyric.”

Scheduled for a late spring/early summer release, the new album will reunite Sara with famed producer Mark Bright, who worked on her 2005 platinum-selling album Real Fine Place. “Yes, we are getting back together to collaborate on this project,” she told Country Weekly. “In some ways, this album feels a bit more country to me, even though a few songs are very pop-sounding.”

Looks like 2013 will be quite a year for Sara Evans.


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