Miranda Lambert Can Pass the Salt and Pepper—30 Times

“My husband always calls me a mamaw because I collect salt and pepper shakers,” Miranda says.

Miranda Lambert shares something in common with Loretta Lynn, other than a genuine country voice and a rebel spirit. Both like to collect the same things.

"My husband always calls me a mamaw because I collect salt and pepper shakers," Miranda told The Tennessean.

"I have like 30 sets. I’m really proud of them," she says before describing how she discovered Loretta also collects the kitchen table staples.

"I was at her house and we went to her museum and she had this huge glass shelf and she had a whole collection of them, like hundreds of them. And I was like, ‘You collect salt and pepper shakers, too. Oh my God.’ I’m going to get the nerve up one day and ask her if we can trade a set.”


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