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Married to the Music: The Glamorous Life of a Country Music Wife

Dishing with the wives of Luke Bryan, Rascal Flatts’ Joe Don Rooney, Little Big Town’s Phillip Sweet and songwriter Dallas Davidson

(From left) Caroline Bryan, Tiffany Fallon, Rebecca Sweet and Sarah Davidson
photo by Jillian Hughes

The saying goes, “Behind every good man is a great woman.” In country music, the woman behind every good man is not only great, but smokin’ hot!

See for yourself in the new issue of Country Weekly. Luke Bryan’s wife, Caroline, Rascal Flatts’ Joe Don Rooney’s wife, Tiffany Fallon, Little Big Town’s Phillip Sweet’s wife, Rebecca, and hit songwriter Dallas Davidson’s wife, Sarah, made stunning models for our style pages, but we also discovered that not only are these ladies breathtakingly beautiful, they’re all also spitfires with an abundance of charm, some sassy opinions and incredible senses of humor.

Caroline Bryan is the mom of two little boys—Bo and Tate—but admits that most of the time it feels like she has three. She tells us, “With three boys in my house, I’m constantly on the go and cleaning . . . Luke being the messiest one.” She also says that having one star in the house is enough for her. “I have no aspirations for anything else in the industry. My main focus are my kids and seeing Luke as much as possible. Also, I really have no talent anyway,” she says with a laugh.

Rascal Flatts guitarist Joe Don Rooney’s wife, Tiffany Fallon, hosted a photo shoot for the ladies at their home and said the day was filled with laughs, a little champagne and even some brownies. But she admits she felt a little awkward being dressed to the nines in her own home. “My children and dogs were running around,” she says. “It just didn’t feel like that was something I’d be donning in my own home. My usual uniform is what me and my girlfriends call our workout gear, which we don’t work out in. We’re just running around town in sneakers and our Lululemon get-up. I’m the first to say I love a gown, but I like to go somewhere other than my house in it.”

Little Big Town’s Phillip Sweet and his wife, Rebecca, personify their last name. Both are equally delightful, and Rebecca even uses the adjective to define her style: “Sweet, Southern and sassy—I love an outfit that feels strong, but also has an element of sweetness to it,” she says. “I pick the things that I feel confident in, and I enjoy going into our local boutiques to find those pieces.” And, again, living up to her name, Rebecca gushes about her fellow country wives. “We laughed so much that day! It’s nice to be around these girls. They’re some of the best human beings I know, just beautiful people. We always have a great time together, maybe a little too much fun,” she says, chuckling.  

Hit songwriter Dallas Davidson’s wife, Sarah, has a little different take on lifestyle and style since she has her own burgeoning career as a performer. But she also has her own fashion blog at “I started my blog because I am on the road in a van with my band and I pretty much act as my own stylist most of the time, even for award shows,” she says. “I’m just a South Georgia girl, but when I moved to Nashville and I had to buy outfits for stage performances, I thought, ‘What is a way I can try and not only share a little bit about how I like to dress and how I like to incorporate my own personal style into my performance and my everyday wear, but also how can I make another use out of spending money on these things?’”

Check out the beautiful photos and more about each of these lovely ladies’ style in the new issue of Country Weekly with George Strait on the cover.


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