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Mark Wills Takes Reins on Music Career With Forthcoming Project

"It will be stuff we have direct control over, rather than somebody else," says Mark.

Mark Wills is gearing up for the release of brand-new music that will stay true to his sound and style, but will also be giving it a modernized update to fit in with music today. How can he be sure to accomplish that very thing? Easy, he's in charge!

Following the release of his single "Looking for America" back in 2011, Mark was left to discover what he truly wanted for the future of his career. The proof will come in the new tunes, which will be released on his own, independently.

"Part of what happened with my career or in my career in the past few years, was that we had two record deals that during the time, the record companies had problems," Mark tells Country Weekly of his absence from the spotlight. "We went to Equity, and Little Big Town was just starting to hit at Equity, and then things sort of fell apart over there. They made some changes, and then it just went away. Then we started our own deal with an investor, and they had a big falling out which left us in the middle of it. It's been a rough five or six years for us in the music business, because it seems like everything we tried to get involved with had internal issues and problems."

However, Mark has learned from the issues faced along the way and is ready for the challenge of doing it his way for the first time. "I am very grateful for the opportunity to step away, find great music, find some great songs, and find a good production team to put this music together with," he says. "That way we don't have to worry about all the other stuff on the side, because that's what's kept us from getting our stuff at radio for the past 10 years. We figured if we started on our own, it will be stuff we have direct control over, rather than somebody else."

For more on Mark, check out the Aug. 18 issue of Country Weekly, on stands now.


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