Love and Theft, LoCash Cowboys and More Play Nashville’s Biggest Whiskey Jam

3,000 attend Music Row parking lot party.

For some, like LoCash Cowboy’s Chris Lucas, it was their first Whiskey Jam, and it was a doozy. For others, like new artist but veteran songwriter Adam Craig, it may have been his 100th Whiskey Jam. And it was still a doozy.

Approximately 3,000 music lovers, including music industry execs, singers, songwriters and musicians found a place in the parking lot or on the deck of Nashville’s iconic Losers Bar for Whiskey Jam—a weekly artist showcase typically held on the small stage at neighboring Winners Bar & Grill. Only this week, Whiskey Jam was on steroids—or maybe Fireball and Tito’s—as country acts like Love and Theft, LoCash Cowboys, The Cadillac Three, Drake White, Randy Montana, Big Smo and newcomers like Adam Craig, Joey Hyde and Jacob Powell rocked the stage with four hours of music and fun.

Whiskey Jam founders Ward Gunther and Josh Hoge, along with The Big 98’s Amy Paige, emceed the event, and Deejay Silver prepped the crowd for the night of excitement with pre-show mixes. Prior to the show’s kickoff, Josh told Country Weekly, “We’re three and a half years in and it’s growing faster than we know what to do with it, so we put this lineup together and we figured if we were going to do it, we may as well do it big.” And their reach and fan base has extended far beyond the Nashville city limits. “I ship out probably 10 T-shirts a day across the country—Washington, California, New York, Florida, Texas,” Josh added. “Dierks Bentley doesn’t seem to take his off. We saw a picture from Florence, Italy, the other day where one was hanging off of the laundry line on someone’s balcony.”

LoCash Cowboy’s Preston Brust says of the event, “I love Whiskey Jam. There’s this energy. You never know who’s going to show up and it’s fun because it’s a lot of writers and a lot of up-and-coming and existing acts in one room, and great players. Only at Whiskey Jam are you going to find that kind of talent.” The other half of LoCash, Chris Lucas, made his WJ debut at last night’s event. He admits that when he’s in Nashville, he likes to be home with his family, but made an exception and turned his first-time Jam into a date night with his wife. “Me and my wife haven’t been on a date night in a long time,” he says, smiling.

The Cadillac Three’s Jaren Johnston revealed that the trio played Winners’ very first Whiskey Jam, but having a charting single with “The South” doesn’t affect their commitment to the event. He tells Country Weekly, “It’s exciting. Josh and Ward are good friends of our and we’re excited to be part of a local thing that’s tearing it up.”

And the stage wasn't the only place that stars were found at Monday night's Jam. Parmalee brothers Matt and Scott Thomas and newcomer Chase Rice were spotted in the crowd supporting their country music brethren.

Ward and Josh promise more mega-shows like last night’s event on the horizon for Whiskey Jam. “There’s a tour being planned right now and we have a couple of tricks up our sleeve,” says Josh. Ward adds, “Hopefully, we do a few more of these this year.”

We’ll keep you posted!


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