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LoCash Cowboys Celebrate Christmas Redneck Style

courtesy Average Joe's

LoCash Cowboys leaders Chris Lucas and Preston Brust are celebrating Christmas in their trademark colorful and wacky way with their new video, "What Time Is It?" which makes its world premiere Friday (Dec. 7). Chris and Preston wrote the fun tune for the compilation album An Average Joes Muddy Christmas.

The "time," of course, is the Christmas season and the video depicts a fun-filled family gathering that might remind you of the movie, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Family and friends helped the guys create the holiday scene. "My dad came down from Indiana and he had a couple of his friends with him," says Preston. Chris adds, "My neighbor Logan is cooking the food and my little boy, Caden, is in there, too."

The house where they filmed provided the right atmosphere, Preston notes. "The director, [actress] Sunny Mabrey, and her team found this house out in Whites Creek, Tennessee, and the people had all their decorations and lights already up in their yard," he says. "The house was available and the family was great about it." In fact, the grandmother of the homeowner's family makes a memorable appearance. "My boy Caden really took to her," Chris says. "She was just like his grandma."

Fans will also see the guys savoring some holiday beverages, which were concocted right on the set. "We had some eggnog that Chris made," Preston says with a laugh. "He made two batches and the first one tasted like pancake mix. The second one was pretty good, though."

For Sunny Mabrey, who's appeared in such TV shows as State of the Union and Mad Men, this marked her directorial debut. "What they wanted was a cool twist to the typical Christmas video," Sunny says. "I had seen some performance videos of them and they seemed like fun guys. So, I wrote out a treatment and they really liked it. It was a great experience for me. I have always wanted to direct a music video."

The LoCash guys feel that the video captures the essence of "What Time Is It?" perfectly. "When we were asked to write a Christmas song, we wanted to do it," Preston says. "But it couldn't be like every other Christmas song. It had to be fun, kind of redneck, which is our style." Chris adds, "We wanted to make you laugh and I think that's what this does. Ten years from now, we're still going to enjoy watching it."



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