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Lindi Ortega’s “Tin Star” Pays Tribute to Nashville’s Struggling Musicians

“These people are out here doing this because they love it,” she says.

photo courtesy Last Gang Entertainment

It’s no secret that Nashville is full of talented people trying to carve out a name for themselves. Though very few of them actually get to be Taylor Swift, they keep right on making music.

Nashvillian Lindi Ortega (a CW On the Edge favorite) knows and understands exactly what that feels like. She’s releasing her third album, Tin Star, on indie label Last Gang Entertainment, and her haunting voice sits front and center on tales of musicians’ struggles as well as atmospheric ballads of heartbreak. The album’s title track is a dedication to the folks who keep right on playing out of love.

“I came to the realization that there’s so many wonderful musicians in this city,” explains Lindi. “And this is a city that a lot of people—tourists—will come to, to get a glimpse of its stars. Whether that be walking up and down Broadway and catching a cover band singing the top 40 from radio, or going to the Ryman or Bridgestone Arena or Opry to see a show.”

The other side of the story is the years of struggle many people face, without necessarily ever getting to play at the hallowed Ryman. “I noticed that there’s so many great musicians that have moved here many years ago and continue to stay and are playing shows constantly,” she continues. “And they maybe have six people in their audience. I witnessed it in Printers Alley. There’s a blues bar there. Incredible musicians are there playing, and there aren’t a whole lot of people in the audience. I thought, ‘Wow, this is such a labor of love. These people are out here doing this because they love it.’ I wanted to pay tribute to those people who didn’t have the fame and the glory and just say, you know, I get it. I relate. And I hear them and I appreciate them.” Check out the tune below.

Tin Star, which Lindi recorded with Dave Cobb (Shooter Jennings, Jason Isbell, Jamey Johnson), hits stores Oct. 9. She will hit the road in support of the effort on Oct. 11, so be on the lookout for her to visit your city.


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