Lee Brice Celebrates “A Woman Like You”

“It worked out perfectly.”

Lee Brice has had considerable success as a songwriter, penning Billboard No. 1 hits for Garth Brooks ("More Than a Memory") and Eli Young Band ("Crazy Girl"), but the singer/songwriter recently celebrated his first time at the pinnacle of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart as an artist with "A Woman Like You." Dozens of industry members packed Nashville's Country Music Association offices on Tuesday (May 15) to help Lee and the tune's songwriters, Johnny Bulford, Phil Barton and Jon Stone, celebrate.

"It's like a different sweet," Lee told reporters of the chart-topper prior to the celebration. "Writing a song and having a No. 1 song is like a pride thing for me. I work so hard and try to be a good writer, so for that to happen, for someone else to record my song, it's very humbling. I'm very honored. [With 'A Woman Like You,'] it's like an accomplishment, we've worked a long time and now we're sitting here so it feels great in that way. Finally all the work we put into it paid off."

It might be one of the fastest recordings of a song ever. Just hours after Johnny, Phil and Jon penned "A Woman Like You," Lee Brice was in the studio recording it. "When Jon played me the song, as soon as I heard it, we recorded a little acoustic version of it. The label freaked out, so the next day, we recorded [another demo] in the real studio with the full band." The newness of the song lent itself to the organic sound of the recording. "I was reading the lyric and I think what happened was I didn’t really know the song, so I was reading the lyrics and kind of fumbling my way through the song, which is what the guy in the song would kind of be doing," says Lee. "‘Well I would be doing this and doing that,’ just making it up as he went, so I think it worked out perfectly."

So perfectly that the off-the-cuff demo recording is the same recording heard on radio stations across the country, propelling the song to the No. 1 spot.


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