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LeAnn Rimes Returns With New Music and New Reality TV Show

The new album signifies musical freedom for LeAnn.

When LeAnn Rimes returns to the spotlight, she does it in a big way. Not only is her new reality TV show, LeAnn & Eddie, airing weekly on VH1, but she has returned to the music charts as well with the release of her new remix album. 

Dance Like You Don't Give a . . . Greatest Hits Remixes stemmed from the singer's constant request from her fans wanting revamped versions of some of her biggest hits of her career. "A lot of my fans have the remix singles of each song, but they have always asked to have them all on one record," LeAnn explains to Country Weekly. "I'm glad we actually got to do that. Some of the songs were from the older days, and they actually remixed them again for this. We have amazing DJs on the record. It's cool."

Even before the album's official release, the project landed in the Top 10 on the iTunes charts. "I never thought I'd be with all these crazy DJs on the dance charts," LeAnn says, laughing. "Every once in a while I get to have a first again! I love that whole vibe and world, and I really want to play in that more, eventually. That's really taking over a lot of popular music. I've had success on the dance charts, and it's just another way to create music. I definitely would love to do an actual dance record of my own." 

The new album also signifies a bit of musical freedom for LeAnn, who has released the album outside of her longtime record contract with Curb Records. "At first it was scary because I had been there since I was 11," admits the star. "I had so many mixed emotions about it. You think that you'd get out and be like, 'Oh yeah! I'm ready to go!' But it was all of that, and way more that came with that. It's been nice to sit back, and I've looked at it as an opportunity to do whatever it is that I want. This is the first time I've been able to not have any expectations from a label on me. I'm trying to figure out where I am right now. I've been writing and creating different things. I think it will naturally happen. I am keeping an open mind about it all. Eventually I will end up with the right partner, but I am taking my time, for sure."

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