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Lady Antebellum Says, “Y’all Are Stars Tonight!”

Young fans get onstage with Lady Antebellum and Rascal Flatts.

Some people are born charmers—take Lexi King and Jamie Fritz, a couple of best-bud Oklahoma girls who were at a Lady Antebellum concert when they got a first taste of their dream to perform onstage. Jamie’s mom, Deanne, tells CW that the girls had been waving at and shaking hands with the hit trio when singer Charles Kelley suddenly pulled them onstage. “I think they were a little caught off-guard—nervous and excited all at the same time,” reckons Deanne. The girls soon regained their bearings and danced to beat the band, so to speak, as you can see on footage of the moment posted on YouTube. When Charles said, “Y’all are stars tonight!” to Jamie and Lexi as they returned to their seats, that statement turned out to be a bit prophetic, as mom Deanne explains.

“A couple of months later a friend called and asked, ‘Are you watching TV?’ I was at work, so ‘no!’ was my reply. She said, ‘Lady A just released their new “Stars Tonight” video and Jamie is in it, dancing with Hillary [Scott]!’ How cool is that?” Indeed, early in the video, you can see black-and-white-clad Jamie for a few seconds. Hey, it’s a start.

The girls, who also met headlining act Tim McGraw that night, now knew just what to do if a second shot at the spotlight came their way. And it did, at Rascal Flatts’ Tulsa, Okla., stop last summer. Frontman Gary LeVox brought them up onto the boards, where they hit the jackpot, as guests Kellie Pickler and Chris Young were also onstage for the big finale of “Summer Nights.” The girls had been whispering to Chris, notes Deanne, who eventually coaxed Jamie to tell her what they were saying to him. “It finally came out,” she says, “that they were telling him that he smelled good.”

The two young stars-in-training now hope to meet Keith Urban onstage later this summer. . . . Maybe his wife, Nicole Kidman, had better watch out for these two little charmers.

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