Kimberly Perry Not the Inspiration for The Band Perry’s Latest No. 1

TBP celebrates “DONE.” at packed industry party.

(From left) Neil, Kimberly and Reid Perry, Jacob Bryant and John Davidson
photo by Ivor Karabatkovic

The Band Perry, siblings Kimberly, Neil and Reid Perry, racked up another No. 1 single with “DONE.” and celebrated their good fortune at an industry party at The Bridge Building in Nashville, Monday (Aug. 26). The tune was written by Neil and Reid along with Jacob Bryant and John Davidson, who were on hand for the big afternoon as well.

Before the party got underway, the Perry trio spoke with members of the Nashville media about their latest hit, their upcoming world tour and other timely topics. Oldest sibling Kimberly praised her brothers for their co-writing effort. “This is the first No. 1 that they’ve had a hand in penning,” she proudly explained. Kimberly later joked, “I was not the inspiration for it.”

Reid told the reporters that “DONE.” was the last song selected for their album Pioneer. “It was a title that [he and Neil] came in with and we actually wrote it in one session,” he said. Kimberly chimed in, “I got to be the first one to hear it and I immediately fell in love with it. Good job!”

The group is also gearing up for their upcoming world tour, which kicks off later this year and runs into 2014. Kimberly, Neil and Reid will be globetrotting to such countries as Norway and Sweden, with Canada also on the schedule. They’re pumped to be making a return trip overseas. “It’s amazing to get to go over and play shows in Europe,” Neil said. “The great thing about those audiences is that they learn every single word to every song. Even if they don’t speak English, they still know the words. I guess that proves,” he added with a smile, “that music is the universal language.”

Even at that, certain elements of the language get lost in translation. “They don’t laugh at my jokes!” Kimberly quipped.

Congratulations to The Band Perry and all the writers for their latest success.


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