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Julianne Hough Talks Movies, New Album


Julianne Hough has her hands more than full these days, as she readies a new country album and two movies, Burlesque and Footloose. The two-time Dancing With the Stars winner and "That Song in My Head" singer recently updated reporters on each of her projects during a backstage press conference at Country Music Association Music Fest.

Speaking about her upcoming album, Julianne said, “This record is such a departure from the last one. Not only is the music different, but I have just grown so much as an artist and vocally, and it all kind of sounds like one now, not like just a random collection of songs put together. Writing for me was one of the best parts of this whole process. I wrote [the new single, “Is That So Wrong”] with Sarah Buxton and Blair Daly, and they are just my homeboys. I love them. They are my go-to guys. I wrote it right when I got out of a relationship and it relates to the fact that you sometimes don't necessarily want to be alone, and sometimes a friend isn't good enough,” she laughed nervously. “It's not a booty-call. You just want to be held and comforted.”

She also just finished filming the movie Burlesque, which also features Christina Aguilera and Cher. “I'm definitely different, I hope you guys recognize me. I've got red hair and I'm pregnant [in the film]. But it's fun,” Julianne said with a laugh. “To be honest, if anyone deserves the right to be a diva, it's Cher, but she's so far from being a diva. She's funny and chill and down to earth. She's the one sitting up on the set while everyone else is like 'Can we go to our trailers?' I filmed an emotional scene with Cher, and she knew exactly what to say to me to get me to be emotional after seventeen takes. I feel so blessed to be working with her.”

Her other movie, a remake of the 1980s movie Footloose, has been at the center of many starts and stops after High School Musical director Kenny Ortega dropped out of filming the movie. Hustle & Flow director Craig Brewer stepped in to direct the film soon after actor Chace Crawford exited the leading role. “It's just been such an ongoing thing with me and I think everybody's heard so much about it that they are like 'Will they just shoot this movie already!'” Julianne said with a laugh. “But to be honest, I could not be more excited. There has been so much direction change and growth throughout the movie. It was just going to be like singing and dancing throughout the movie and a big shebang movie, and now it's going to be more like the original. It's great for me because it's a real performance acting piece for me. I don't sing or dance in it. It's going to be really fun and challenging. The director, Craig Brewer, is great, so it's going to be a little edgier.”


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