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Josh Turner, Scotty McCreery and Others Recall Favorite Halloween Memories

Which singer dressed as Wolverine?

photo courtesy LeeAnn Rimes Cibrian Twitter

Just because they are famous country stars doesn't mean that they don't still get caught up in the fun of Halloween.

In LeAnn Rimes' case, she and husband Eddie Cibrian deck out their California home—inside and outside—to get into the spirit. Others tend to leave their Halloween memories in the past, while some still get into the fun of dressing up, especially if they happen to be taking the stage on Halloween night.

Country Weekly asked a few of your favorite country stars to remember back on some of their favorite Halloween memories and costumes, and here is what they had to say.
Easton Corbin: “I spend a lot of time with my granny and grandpa. They had a big hand in raising me. I never really dressed up as an adult for Halloween. I do remember as a kid, my granny and grandpa would always be the ones who got my costumes or she’d make them for me. Her and my grandpa would always take me to the Halloween carnival and stuff at school. I always looked forward to that stuff. She’d always make a cake for the cakewalk, and we’d go there and I’d walk it until we won her cake because she always made coconut cake, which is my favorite. So we’d always walk that. This was back when I was in the third grade . . . 8 or 9 years old.”
LeAnn Rimes: “We have serious Halloween parties at our house! We lived on a pretty busy street—or more of a main street. It’s busy, as in five cars would go by a day [laughs]. Now we’re on top of a hill that’s kind of hidden. Eddie’s like, ‘Oh, now I can get away with not decorating!’ I’m like, ‘The hell you are! We’re always decorating. I don’t care if we’re the only ones to see it!’ I deck it out! We have the kids every other Halloween. They love it. They get into it. Our whole neighborhood does. We have a house down the street that they clear out their house and make it a haunted house. It’s insane! It’s really, really fun. Eddie and I love to dress up.“
Scotty McCreery: “Halloween was always a fun one. My best Halloween costume was probably when I was Elvis. I was 8 years old or something, and I had my little jack-o’-lantern filled with candy, and I’d say, ‘Trick or treat, smell my feet,’ or whatever, and then when they’d give me my candy, I’d say, ‘Thank you very much!’ and kind of throw my scarf like Elvis would. I was a weirdo! But it was fun!”
Thomas Rhett: “My favorite Halloween costume ever was when I was Wolverine. The Wolverine suit came with, like, Styrofoam muscles that you put in the suit to make your chest and your biceps look huge. That was a great year. I was probably 9. Some pretty awesome things happen at 9!”

Josh Turner: “One of the funniest Halloween moments that I remember was several years ago. We were actually playing a show on Halloween down in Louisiana. One of my band members talked me into having the whole band dress up in costumes and play the show. It was probably one of the craziest things that I've ever done! The crowd had no idea we were going to do it. They were blown away and thought it was hilarious. I was basically the Phantom of the Opera with a country flare . . . so I was the Phantom of the Opry.”

Jana Kramer: “A couple of years ago on Halloween, me and my band guys dressed up as Scooby-Doo. That was really fun! We were literally dressed head to toe in Scooby-Doo outfits. I dressed as Daphne, and we performed the whole entire show like that.”


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