Josh Thompson Is in the Dog House

He has signed a new record deal with Toby Keith’s label.

After parting with Sony Music Nashville's RCA imprint in July, Josh Thompson has signed with Show Dog-Universal Music, co-helmed by Toby Keith.

In a Country Weekly exclusive, Josh speaks highly of his former Sony family, saying, “The team was great, they worked really hard, but it just felt like the directions that I was wanting to go and the directions they were wanting to go were just two different directions, so we came to an agreement that we would just call it quits. . . . Everybody was great about it.”

But even greater was the interest other labels showed in signing Josh when he became available. “It was beyond my wildest dreams, really,” he says. “We were talking to every label in town.”

He chose Show Dog for multiple reasons, but the dominant force was that it reunites him with former members of the staff of the Sony Columbia imprint, to which he was originally signed. He also says that Show Dog can give him the attention that his fledgling career needs. “I’m a new artist. I’ve been out for three years, I’ve had one record, four Top 30 singles, but I’m still a new artist,” says Josh. “There’s a spot for me at Show Dog where I’ll get a lot of attention.”

The change has been good for the country star, who says, “I’m back in love with music again. I’m writing some of the best stuff of my life and I’m wanting to write, and I’m writing all the time.”

So, when can you expect new music? He says he’ll be hitting the studio soon and is hoping to have new music out in January. And what might that album be like? "Show tunes," jokes Josh. "A little Broadway. I'm going to do about 10 songs that are about 15 minutes each."

Josh gets serious, but just for a second to say, "It's hard to know. My mind is always on a couple of things. One is the fans and intriguing them with another record that is as good or, hopefully, beats the pants off the first one. The other is radio. I've still got a lot to prove." When his sense of humor gets the best of him, he adds, "So, that's what you can expect, just a well-rounded piece of awesomeness with my stamp of approval on it."




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