Josh Thompson Contemplates Change, Throwing Down With Gary Allan

"There have been a ton of changes in every part of the business."

When searching for a title for his upcoming sophomore album, singer/songwriter Josh Thompson didn't have to look far. The project, aptly titled Change, is a perfect representation of his life at the moment. “‘Change’ [the album's title track] takes a look at how, in society, the only thing that stays the same is change,” Josh tells, “but for me personally, as well, there have been a ton of changes in every part of the business. It just really seemed to fit for a title." Those business changes include switching from Columbia Nashville to his current label home RCA Nashville, recording for a new label head, Sony Nashville CEO Gary Overton (Gary took over the reins of Sony Nashville in 2010; the post was previously held by longtime executive Joe Galante), and changing from producer Michael Knox (who produced Josh's debut album, Way Out Here) to Phil O'Donnell for the new project.

“I’m excited and I think it’s a great album," says Josh, who says the project has already been completed. "There’s a lot of tempo to it. There are a lot of driving songs and some heavy stuff to it.” Josh had a hand in writing all the songs on the album, including a song featuring his buddy Justin Moore. The tune, “Livin’ Like Hank,” chronicles the ups and downs of relentless touring and life on the road.

Like country icon Hank Williams, Josh honed his musical skills by crisscrossing the country and building his career one fan at a time. Josh will hit the road this summer as part of the Country Weekly-sponsored Country Throwdown tour, headlined by Gary Allan. “I like all of his albums,” Josh says of the singer. “Smoke Rings in the Dark was a great album.” When he's not taking in one of Gary's performances, Josh says he'll be hanging with friends and fellow artists on the Country Throwdown tour, Sunny Sweeney and buddy Justin. “Justin and I, we’ve written a song or two together,” says Josh. “He’s a good dude and easy to hang out with.”

Though Josh has expanded his fanbase by logging numerous hours on the road, this singer/songwriter recognizes that television shows such as American Idol, The Voice and Nashville Star played a significant role in breaking many of today’s younger country artists. Given the chance, would he have tried out for a musical talent show? “I’m not sure, I might have,” says Josh. “There’s a good experience there, so I might have.”


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