Josh Plays Free Show at Site of Cracker Barrel Tragedy

"God gave me a talent to sing and provide an opportunity to bring a community together," he says.

Josh Turner played a free show Monday (June 4) outside a Cracker Barrel restaurant near Cleveland, where a man shot his family back in April and then was later killed by police.

Nearly 1,000 fans came to the show at the Cracker Barrel in Brooklyn, Ohio, the same restaurant where a man named Kevin Allen shot and killed his wife, Katherina, and daughter Kerri, 10, and shot and wounded daughter Kayla, also 10, before police killed him. Kayla died from her injuries a month later. 

"This is not my typical day," Josh told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. "God gave me a talent to sing and provide an opportunity to bring a community together."

Cracker Barrel has sponsored two tours and sold a live album in its stores for Josh, who in turn donated the fee the chain paid him for Monday's show to the school district where the two child victims went to school.

Josh stuck around to sign autographs for fans after the show.


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