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John Anderson Re-Records “Swingin’”

Classic hit gets a little bounce with the help of Colt Ford.

You might find it hard to believe, but John Anderson's enduring hit "Swingin'" is now 30 years old.

As part of the celebration, John has re-recorded his own tune (which originally appeared on the 1982 album Wild & Blue) with boundary-pushing country artist Colt Ford to make something completely new. The revamped version features John's pristine new vocal takes, along with new raps from Colt and a bouncing beat. Check out the video below.

“I had that Wild & Blue record when I was a freshman in high school,” says Colt, a longtime admirer of John’s. “It’s one of those songs that you know for some reason. Everybody knows it. It’s one of those songs that has transcended and stuck around.”

John is equally enthusiastic about the chance to collaborate with Colt, and praises the artist for being a trailblazer. “The first thing that drew my attention to Colt Ford,” he begins, “[is] the fact that he’s not going down this same road doing all the radio promos and the this-and-that they say has to be done before you can be a country star these days. Some of us still differ with that a little.”

But most importantly for Colt, he just hopes that some of his younger fans might be turned on to John’s body of work. “I don’t want to get in here and screw something up that’s perfect,” he acknowledges. “But all these kids now going, ‘Hey, this John Anderson, I need to go back and get that Wild & Blue record.’ Maybe this whole other generation that didn’t know exactly who he was goes back and gets that record and goes, ‘Wow, that’s incredible!’ That’s country music as good as it gets.”

The new recording of "Swingin'" will appear on the soundtrack to indie film Super Zeroes, due in stores as a DVD/CD combination on Feb. 19. Colt's label, Average Joes, is releasing the collection, which will also feature contributions from country artists including Montgomery Gentry and Matt Stillwell along with Southern rappers Bubba Sparxxx and Bonecrusher.

Look for a special interview with John Anderson in an upcoming issue of CW.


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