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Joe Nichols’ Number One “Girl”

Joe Nichols was all smiles at his recent No.1  parties for his latest hit, "Gimmie That Girl," held at the Nashville offices of BMI and ASCAP. He celebrated with BMI's Jody Williams, ASCAP vice president Tim DuBois, Show Dog-Universal president (and "Gimmie That Girl" producer) Mark Wright, and the song's three Georgia-born songwriters, Rhett Akins, Dallas Davidson and Ben Hayslip.

Obviously feeling connected to the song, Joe told reporters that it's the little things his wife, Heather, does that he notices. "I know what she does [that I like], and that’s the poutiness when maybe she’s not feeling good and she’ll stick her bottom lip out and be mopey. It’s cute. That stuff’s cute. Sometimes the hair up in the ponytail with the pajama pants and a T-shirt, that’s mine. That does it for me. I’m good. I’m probably sharing way too much, but that stuff does it for me."

Joe also took a moment to reveal why he's a little bit jealous of fellow singer David Nail. David just finished a recent CMT web series that features him "trying out" for the popular baseball team the St. Louis Cardinals--something that Joe has noticed. “I guess I’m a little jealous," said Joe. "I want to kneecap him, maybe. ‘Do you guys need a fill-in? 'Cause he’s hurt . . .’ No, I’m kidding, I really wouldn’t do that. I think it’s great to have a fellow Cardinals fan out there. I think it’s a natural fit, major league baseball and country music. It’s great that he found a way to partner that up. Wish it had been me,” he said with a laugh. “I’m not making a pitch for next year or anything, but I’m available. I’m available for that.”

If Joe wants to try out for baseball and keep up with his heavy touring schedule, he'll have to keep up the regimen he's been using to keep in voice and body in top performing shape. "I’m a big sports fan. It’s hard to watch a team that I’m passionate about and not cheer or yell. I stay away from that nowadays, because it's not good for my voice. I love to go to the gym because it it’s almost like meditating. I run alone between six and seven miles a day. I clear my mind and think about a lot of things. I like to push myself. I like to do more today than I did yesterday. I like to hit the gym, sometimes two or three hours a day," Joe said.

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