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Jimmy Wayne Set to Release Autobiography “Walk to Beautiful” on Oct. 7

Jimmy Wayne is just as much known for his giving heart as he is for his hit songs. But on Oct. 7, his life story will take the spotlight when he releases his autobiography, Walk to Beautiful.

Jimmy, along with 14-time New York Times best-selling author Ken Abraham, has written a heart-tugging book that documents his life, from growing up in foster homes, including the heart-wrenching and horrific events he faced as a child through neglect and abuse, all the way to his career in country music.

“This book is a milestone in my entire career,” Jimmy tells Country Weekly. “I haven’t been this excited since I released my very first album in 2003. I’ve always wanted to share my story in songs, but that was kind of hard to get everything into three minutes. This book tells my entire life story, and I wrote it because I feel like it’s going to inspire people.”

In addition to Jimmy’s story, it also opens the readers’ eyes to the 75-year-old elderly woman, Bea Costner, who took Jimmy in off the streets when he was 16 years old, after he spent the summer being her lawn boy. Bea and her husband, Russell, helped turn young Jimmy’s life around, putting him through school and church, but most importantly giving him the foundation to succeed in life.

“She saved my life,” Jimmy says softly of Bea, who passed away in 1997. “I just think that’s an inspiring story. When you read where I come from, it just puts things into perspective. You will know just how important this person was. We need positive, uplifting and inspiring stories in this world, so that’s why I felt like it was the perfect time to write this book. I’m pumped up about it.”

The book also will take fans back to 2010 when Jimmy walked from Nashville to Phoenix on his Meet Me Halfway campaign, when he set out to raise awareness for foster youth who have aged out of the system. The walk in itself helped stem the idea to document certain thoughts and memories, which led to the birth of Walk to Beautiful.

“When I got back from my walk, I just said I probably should write down my memories because there was so much that happened prior to the walk,” Jimmy recalls. “Then, just the walk itself, was so many details I figured I need to write everything down because I’m not going to remember this years from now. I remember standing in my kitchen at the counter, and the first thing I wrote down was, ‘My first memory is . . .’ I started writing my book chronologically about things that I remembered. I have receipts from when I was a kid. I have things that somehow I’ve managed to hang on to. I just started writing every memory—colors, smells, tastes, feel—of everything I could remember. Of course when I met Ken Abraham, I gave him about 700 pages worth of facts, and him being a New York Times best-seller author, he knew exactly what to do with these notes.”

Early feedback on the book has been very encouraging for Jimmy, who is counting down the days until Oct. 7. “I’ve already heard from a lot of people that it’s the best book they’ve ever read,” Jimmy says, smiling. “These are people who are in the business who read books. Then from some people who aren’t book readers at all who said they have read it from front to back because they could not put it down.

“This book is my voice,” he continues. “When you read this book, you’ll understand and know everything about me. You’ll know why I stood my ground and stood by songs like ‘Paper Angels.’ I was told that song was stupid, but I stood my ground. I stood my ground with ‘I Love You This Much’ and ‘Stay Gone,’ and I stood my ground with a song called ‘Where You’re Going,’ which has helped so many people and it continues to help people. I’ve learned that standing your ground works. I’m still doing it, and I always will.”

Pre-orders for Walk to Beautiful can be placed by visiting Jimmy’s website.


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