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Jimmy Wayne From the Road - Part 7


As Jimmy Wayne continues his Meet Me Halfway walk from Nashville to Phoenix, Jimmy updates Country Weekly on his progress. Jimmy, who was homeless for a time as a youngster in North Carolina, started the walk on Jan. 1 to help raise awareness of youth homeless issues. He is close to his Phoenix destination and he answered these questions exclusively for Country Weekly.

What’s the first thing you will do once you complete the walk?
Once i complete the walk, I'll spend the entire day at a spa. I need a massage desperately. My body aches from my neck down to my toes. People have said to me, "I'll bet you're in shape now." I respond, "Yes, in all kinds of shapes."

Do you have any thoughts of writing a memoir of your travels?
Without coming across as self-righteous, I've always wanted to write and sing about my life experiences. I've been given the gift of experience for a reason and not giving forward would be a shame. I've written songs such as "Kerosene Kid" and "Where You're Going" and, unfortunately, those songs were heard only by few. My background is what made me who I am. If walking across America is the only way that the story/message can be heard, and ultimately helping the youth that's growing up the way I did, then I'll walk. If writing about the walk will help, then I should write about it.

What are you most excited about doing once you finish the walk?
I have mixed emotions about finishing this walk. I actually enjoy just getting up every day and hitting the road. There's something free and calming about that, knowing that it's just me and the highway and no worries, no stress. It's definitely made me realize that I should find this type of freedom in my business and personal relationships. Life is too short to be stressed.

Are there people you have met along the journey who have helped you?
The Cain family in Mountainair, New Mexico, and Eileen in Datil, New Mexico, and Tauni in Arizona [were a few]. All of these people have one thing in common: they are selfless, loving, trusting people. Each one allowed me to stay in their homes and fed me. They didn't ask for one thing in return.

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