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Jimmy Wayne From the Road - Part 5

Jimmy Wayne checks in with Country Weekly as he continues his Meet Me Halfway walk to raise awareness of issues surrounding homeless youth. Jimmy left Nashville on Jan. 1 for his ultimate destination of Phoenix, Ariz.

Can you give us an update on where you are at this point?
As of March 15, I am just 20 miles outside of Oklahoma City, and I have walked about 700 miles.

Do you continue to run into people who want to know what you’re doing, why you’re in their town, etc.? Do people still offer to give you a room, cook dinner for you, things like that?
A guy named Justin offered me six nights at his house [in Clayton, Okla.]. It gave me a chance to wash clothes and recuperate. He's a country boy to the core. There were more deer heads mounted on one wall than three LongHorn steak houses combined. Justin heard "The Rabbit," a song off my first CD, and swore he'd let a PETA member slip by his scope and I was now sleeping down the hall and eating at his table. (Note: part of the chorus of "The Rabbit" reads, "What goes around comes around/Mark my words . . . it ain't gonna be fun when the rabbit gets the gun").  I could tell there was something on his mind by the indirect questions he'd ask me about hunting; almost an interrogation. When I couldn't give him the information he was searching for, he finally just asked me, "Are you a PETA member?" I replied, "What the hell is that?" Although I'm not a hunter and do not intend on ever becoming one, I somehow found the humor in this misunderstanding and we both laughed when we figured out that I wasn't a PETA member and he had been a nervous wreck the whole time I was there.

You were reunited with a soldier you met early on in the journey. How did that come about and how much does his support mean to you?
[Lieutenant colonel] Garkey reunited with me on the walk in early March. He initially heard about Meet Me Halfway in an interview on an AC [radio] station. He called management and facilitated the arrangements. Jason showed up on Hwy 70 [outside of Nashville] and walked with me for two days. This week we walked two full days and two half days; covering 65 miles. His support is held very high by myself and the fans who have been following me on Twitter. He's highly respected.

How does it feel to be relatively close to your goal? I’m sure it has all been worth it.
I'm almost halfway to my halfway point. I remember when I planned this project I said to myself, "Wonder what it'll feel like when I'm halfway." Well I'm almost there and I feel strong. I feel like a different person.

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