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Jimmy Wayne From the Road - Part 4

Jimmy Wayne checks in with Country Weekly from the road as he continues his “Meet Me Halfway” walk from Nashville to Phoenix to raise awareness of youth homeless issues.

Here’s the latest from Jimmy:

Can you update us on your progress? What city are you in and how many miles have you logged so far?
I am currently in Caddo Gap, Arkansas. I’m not sure how far from Nashville it is; however, I need to know for future references because I want to come back. Caddo Gap is the type of community that I’d like to live in. Livestock, antiques, old farm houses and barns, a whole lotta acres with a very small population of good people make up Caddo Gap. There’s even an old swinging bridge that suspends above the river. A rooster is alarming right now as I write, sitting on the side of this bed in this cabin.

You did say “cabin,” so obviously people have invited you to stay in their homes. This has been an especially rough winter in many parts of the country.
Yes. Another snow storm hit Arkansas a day after I passed through Caddo Gap. I had stopped at Melba’s, a country restaurant in Norman, Arkansas, where I’d met a gentleman by the name of Topher and his bride GiGi. They offered me a place to stay on their ranch. The ranch is known as Pea Patch Ranch and it’s in Caddo Gap, Arkansas. The hospitality was spectacular. Topher and GiGi cooked up a nice steak dinner the first night; breakfast the next morning: dinner again the next night, breakfast yesterday and dinner last night. Family and friends came over. All the kids sat on the floor. The adults sat in chairs or leaned against a wall and listened to me share my story and sing songs. One lady named Marcie reminded me of Bea. Bea was an elderly lady that took me in when I was 16 yrs old and homeless. Marcie works at the local high school as "the lunch room lady." She has taken in approximately 10 kids throughout her life, kids that need a home. Marcie is the “mom” around here. She’s an angel to me and I’m sure once those boys grow up and realize what’s she’s done for them, she’ll be their angel.

Do you continue to see the good things coming from your walk—more donations, more media coverage, etc.?
There’s a stream of media coverage that has continued to support MMH from Nashville. However I do wish that every small town such as Caddo Gap knew about project MMH before I arrived. Word spreads very fast in a small town, therefore it may be more important to get more media attention for MMH there and not just the big cities. Ultimately, small towns have proven to be more interested and caring about project MMH; therefore the combination makes perfect sense.

On a lighter note, you said in your press conference in Nashville that one thing you would miss is your morning coffee. Have you been able to get some coffee on most mornings?
I’ve had coffee just about every day but I miss my GoodBean Coffee . . . Need I say more?

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