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Jamey Johnson Loses Football Bet to Matthew McConaughey

Pro SEC gamble fails in BCS title game.

photo by Jack Spencer/UMG Nashville

College football is practically a religion in the South, and Alabama-born Jamey Johnson is of the pro-Southeastern Conference denomination. His buddy, actor Matthew McConaughey, follows a different gridiron doctrine.

The past five years, the two buddies have made a bet on the BCS National Championship game, with Jamey choosing the SEC and Matthew taking the opposing team and the winner giving his take to charity. For four years, Jamey’s all-SEC stance has won him the bet and Matthew has had to cough up $500 per year to Jamey.

Of course, that all changed on Jan. 6, when the Auburn Tigers lost the final BCS title game ever to the Florida State Seminoles, concluding a period of steadfast SEC dominance and giving Matthew his first win.

Jamey wrote the check for Matthew's just keep livin Foundation, which supports after-school programs in Title 1 schools. The previous four years, Matthew had to write a check to Gamblers Anonymous, which logically doesn’t accept money won from bets.

“Yeah, I finally got a victory, and while I’m not sure just where that $2,000 landed, I’ve assured Jamey that the $500 check he is donating to our foundation will definitely be cashed and go towards the after-school program,” said Matthew in a statement. “I look forward to doubling down on the [Texas] Longhorns when we return to the championship game.”

As it turns out, the $2,000 that Jamey made from SEC wins will be donated to the Nikki Mitchell foundation for pancreatic cancer research. Nikki, who was president and CEO of Waylon Jennings and Jessie Colter Music, died in 2013.

“Four national championships out of five consecutive bids was an impressive run,” added Jamey, “and I'm proud of all of my fellow Alabamians and Auburnians for their virtuous dedication, their exemplary work ethics and their incomparable manifestations of school spirit. Roll Tide and War Eagle indeed."


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