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Gloriana’s Tom Gossin Proposed to Fiancée With Vintage Engagement Ring

“When I met her, I knew it was bigger than a normal meeting,” Tom says of his fiancée, Jaime Moffett.

We already told you about Gloriana member Tom Gossin's engagement to Jaime Moffett, but now we have details on how it all went down. “It’s a 1920s European-cut stone. I think it’s like a carat-and-a-half and is on platinum,” Tom tells of the ring he gave to Jaime. “It’s a really cool vintage setting.”

Tom and Jaime have been dating for nearly 10 years. “When I met her, I knew it was something bigger than a normal meeting,” says Tom. “We went on to be best friends and really grew up together through our 20s. Just like every relationship we’ve had our ups and downs and we even split a time or two to work things out and ended up coming back together. I’ve always heard if you let something go and it comes back, it’s because it was meant to be. That happened twice with us. She’s really my best friend and I think the decision for me to get married was because I’ve had her in my life and I’ve had her not in my life and I just don’t ever want to have her not in my life ever again.”

With the decision made, so began the search for the perfect engagement ring. “It’s funny, my dad lives with me here in Nashville and we were driving around one day and talking about [proposing to Jaime],” says Tom. “I told him how stressed I was about finding a ring. I wanted to find something special, one-of-a-kind and kind of vintage. As we were saying this, and driving down 21st Street, we saw a sign in front of this little shop that said 'vintage engagement rings,' right as we are talking about it.” They took it as a sign, and quickly found the type of ring Tom had imagined. “It was the first one that I looked at that I liked and that was the one that I got. It took a day. I had stressed out about it for a long time, thinking it was going to be a tough process, but it fell right into place. It all just felt right.”

Tom proposed to Jaime on the patio of her apartment in Atlanta, before they were to attend a Radiohead concert. It was the couple's anniversary. Tom convinced a friend to pretend he was filming a video of the trip to Atlanta. After filming the skyline, the friend panned over to the couple, where Tom dropped to one knee. “She never expected it,” says Tom. “She dropped everything she was holding, which I believe was a cheap can of beer and her car keys,” he says, laughing. “The great thing is we have it on video so we kind of have it for the rest of our lives. If we ever have children we can show them this video of how we got engaged.”

Next up for the couple? Deciding who will attend the wedding. “I’m going for a visit this weekend, and we are going to start making the invite list. That’s the first order of business,” says Tom. “I happen to have a humongous family and she has a small family, so I’m already feeling guilty about my guest list.” he says, laughing.

Though a date has not been set, Tom says the wedding could likely take place next year. “Being a musician, my schedule changes daily, so we’ll have to find a good time to take some time to have a nice party.”


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