Fishing Fanatic

Eric Young wrestles with a different kind of opponent.

Eric Young is a man of varied interests. A TNA Impact wrestler, who was born in Canada, but who now lives in Nashville, Eric hosts Off the Hook: Extreme Catches on Animal Planet.

An avid yet novice outdoorsman, Eric and is out of the ring and turning in his tights for some tackle. All across America, some fisherman go to extremes to haul in their catch—from using pantyhose on a rod and reel to catch sharks in the Atlantic Ocean to launching live bait with fire extinguishers on Lake Michigan—and Eric tries his hand at all of them.

In the debut episode, Eric learned how to build his own raft using plywood, PVC frame and an inner tube. The goal? To catch sailfish in the open ocean. “It’s interesting people doing interesting things that are either extreme or dangerous or weird or kooky,” Eric says of the show, “stuff that doesn’t even make sense, but there are hundreds of these guys out there.”

Eric is also a country music fan. “I grew up in a household that we were exposed to everything from blues to classic rock to country to R&B, jazz, everything,” he says. “I live in Nashville so that heightened my love of country music.

“My favorite of all time is Johnny Cash. I’ve liked him since I was little,” Eric continues, citing some of his other favorites. “This will probably get me in trouble with some of my wrestling buddies, but I listen to Sugarland—I love Jennifer Nettles’ voice. It gives me goosebumps. Big & Rich are awesome. John Rich is a super genius. Toby Keith is a master mind with lyrics and his hooks and his ability to make people love his songs. He understands what people want to hear and knows how to make an awesome album. He loves wrestling and wrestling loves Toby Keith.”

Off the Hook: Extreme Catches airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Animal Planet.


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