FIRST LOOK: Thompson Square—Heartbreak or Happily Ever After?

How will the duo’s new video end?

photos by Glenn Sweitzer

A highly guarded secret will be revealed on Valentine's Day when the video for Thompson Square's newest hit single, "If I Didn't Have You," premieres on CMT.

On the set of the video shoot, the duo's Shawna and Keifer Thompson were tight-lipped as to whether the story will end happily or in complete heartbreak. In fact, all Keifer would tell Country Weekly is, "We're in a mental hospital, which is kind of fitting if you've been married as long as we have."

Despite the serious nature of the video's story line, which involves a tragic accident, injuries and hospitalization for Shawna, the pair was all smiles while talking about the process, which included feigning serious conversations with the actors portraying doctors, nurses and other patients. "If you don't know somebody and you have to talk to them about these things," Keifer explained, "of course, I can't disclose what we said, but it was really, really funny. So those moments are kind of awkward when we have extras coming and [we're] shaking their hands and talking to them."

They duo guided Country Weekly through the filming process, which included some real tears. “Keifer has been using onions to cry,” Shawna revealed. While he confessed that he did use the pungent vegetable for his first round of tears, Keifer said, “The second round, I was impenetrable. I could not make myself cry. And then Shawna started crying and I started crying naturally.” All in a days work.

Shawna and Keifer are looking forward to their fans' feedback when the video makes its debut. It is just another step in their fairy-tale career. "It's absolutely a fairy tale," Shawna said. "There's not a day that goes by that we don't look at each other and say, 'Can you believe that this is happening?'"

See how the story ends this Valentine's Day on CMT, and go behind the scenes of the video in the March 4 issue of Country Weekly, on stands Feb. 25.




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