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Eric Church's Gymboree on Wheels

Baby Boone has his own trailer

Eric Church by Paul Goldberg/EB Media; Boone Church by Dean Dixon/EB Media PR

Mention the word "mainstream" to describe Eric Church and his music, and the country rebel can get a little testy. Mention the word "Airstream" though, and the daddy within the rocker suddenly becomes downright giddy. “We have a 16-foot Airstream [trailer] that we have basically turned into a nursery that we are now pulling behind the bus,” chuckles Eric, whose son, Boone McCoy, is just about to turn 7 months old. “We went ahead and put all of his toys back there so when we get to a venue, he can go back there and have everything he needs within his own little space.”

Currently selling out date after date on his first arena headlining tour, Eric says making the decision to have wife Katherine and baby Boone come out on the Blood, Sweat and Beers Tour with him was an easy one. “They have been able to go with me to all of the dates, except for maybe three,” says Eric, whose latest single, "Springsteen," recently reached the Top 10 on the Billboard chart and ranks as his fastest-rising single to date. “We had decided before the tour even started. I guess we just knew that we wanted to go on this tour together.”

So, with his adorable rocking toddler in one arm and his equally adorable wife in the other, Eric admits that life on the road has changed drastically from his early days, which were often spent touring in a cramped tour bus filled with dirty laundry and assorted band members. Makes one wonder, what is Eric’s biggest surprise about being a father out on the road? “I just cannot believe the level of stuff that boy has,” he says. “There are the books and the balls and everything else that gets packed in there. It’s just unbelievable.”

Oh . . . just you wait, Daddy Church.

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