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Easton Corbin Blows Through the Windy City

“Clockwork” promotional tour visits winners and radio in Chicago.

all photos by Jon Freeman

Promotional tours aren’t necessarily about comfort, so Easton Corbin and team rolled out of Milwaukee early Sunday morning (Jan. 26) to find fresh snow on the ground. Nevertheless, they packed up and headed for Chicago ahead of the snow plows, because there was a morning event to make.

In Chicago, the “Clockwork” promotional tie-in meant a meet-up with five contest winners and their guests at the clock outside the Marshall Field’s State Street store, which now is a Macy’s. The time of the meeting was 10:47, a direct reference to “Clockwork,” as it’s the time the woman in the song calls the guy every Friday night.

Clock outside the Macy’s Marshall Field’s State Street store in Chicago

Macy’s employee Melanie Kersey (herself a Tennessee native) gave a brief history of the clock, which was built in 1902 and designed by famed Chicago architect Daniel Burnham. A twin clock was added at the other end of the store in 1907.

“You couldn’t pick a better, more traditional location in Chicago,” noted winner Dave Kahn.

Once inside, safe from the cold, Easton hosted the winners for an intimate brunch at the Macy’s Culinary Studio, where they enjoyed mimosas and delicious entrees as Easton proudly played his new music.

“I wanted to make records you could listen to every song and have it be a good song,” he said, after playing the sexy track “’Bout to Get Real.” The winners also heard “Clockwork” and “Kiss Me One More Time.” “He has his own distinct style,” praised winner Bobby. Fellow winner Theresa thought Easton was “really down-to-earth.”

Later that evening, Easton met up with the leaders from Chicago’s country station US 99.5, including assistant program director/music director Marci Braun and program director Jeff Kapugi, at the swanky Chicago Cut Steakhouse.

Easton Corbin with the US 99.5 team and UMG Nashville reps at Chicago Cut Steakhouse

Prior to the delicious dinner, Easton and guitarist Drew did acoustic versions of a few tunes, including the summer-ready “Just Add Water.” “If you add the water here, you’re just gonna get your ass frozen,” quipped Easton about the brutally cold Chicago weather.

Guests also heard studio versions of “Kiss Me One More Time” and “’Bout to Get Real,” which Easton hopes will be the album title, though that’s not set in stone. Later, the gang watched the Grammy Awards as Easton’s labelmate Kacey Musgraves won Country Album of the Year. Asked if he would prefer to win a Grammy, CMA or ACM award, Easton first thought the CMA, but then said he would be pleased with any of them.

While CW returned back home to Nashville, Easton headed to even colder lands in Grand Rapids, Mich., and a few more dates on The Band Perry’s We Are Pioneers Tour, which will run through early March.


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