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David Nail Grows Up

Singer’s new album will reflect personal leaps.

Thirty-four is looking—and sounding—good on David Nail. The singer has another hit on his hands with the infectious “Whatever She’s Got” and counts it as a fitting introduction to the new album he’ll release in the coming months. The upcoming project will have a bit of a different sound than his previous studio efforts, he explains, largely due to a growth spurt in his personal life.

“For whatever reason, it took me a little longer to mature,” David admits to Country Weekly. “I turned 34 this year and remember turning 33 was an eye-opening experience. I realized that I needed to do a little more of this and a little less of this. I needed to call my friends and family a little more often and make some changes. It was a period of time to figure all that out, and once I did, it took things off my plate that I’d been dealing with for a long time and allowed me to take some creative risks that, two or three years ago, I never would’ve taken.”

Those risks manifest themselves both sonically and lyrically on the upcoming album, as David explores new musical territory and reveals more of his life through his songs. “Whatever She’s Got” was an easy choice for the first single, as he felt it set the tone for the entire album. The song, about a guy in love with a rather complicated, sexy woman, reminds him of falling for his now-wife, Catherine. Though she may change her mind and her mood often, it’s that complexity that drew the singer toward his better half in the first place.

The brunette beauty adores her husband’s new tune. “It was the first song of mine that I ever saw her dance to. I caught her dancing around the living room,” David reveals. “That’s one of a long line of examples that made this such a special song.”

David credits the accompanying “Whatever She’s Got” video as the most fun he’s ever filmed. But while Catherine was the leading lady in his 2009 “Red Light” video, she doesn’t play the part so reminiscent of herself in this new clip.

“I told her, ‘We broke up in ‘Red Light,’ so you can’t come back into another video—it would throw people off!’” David explains with a laugh. “She did work for pretty cheap, though.”

While Catherine may just be a one-time video siren, another woman has a repeat performance when it comes to David’s new set of tunes. Lee Ann Womack, who sang with him on “Songs for Sale,” a cut on his Sound of a Million Dreams album, joins the Missouri native once again for a collaboration on his new project. While David won’t reveal the tune’s title just yet, he does tell us it’s a cover of a song he loves and was a last-minute decision for the album.

Such spur-of-the-moment choices, coupled with ventures outside the lauded vocalist’s comfort zone, are what he hopes will show musical maturity.

“I’m at a different place in my life personally and, as a result of that, the music took on a different tone. It tells that story for me,” David says. “Overall, I’m just a happier person and am more pleasant to be around. I know my friends make a point to tell me that all the time, so it must have been pretty bad!”


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