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David Allan Coe: Wedding Day

David Allan Coe shared some details of his April 18 wedding to longtime girlfriend Kimberly Hastings with Country Weekly.


David Allan, the often-dubbed “outlaw” singer/songwriter, who has written classics like “Take This Job and Shove It” and “Would You Lay With Me (in a Field of Stone),” married Kimberly at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas. Kimberly often performs with David Allan on the road and the two have been together for about 10 years. This marked the sixth marriage for David Allan, 70, and the second for Kimberly, 48.

David Allan planned the ultimate surprise for his unsuspecting bride-to-be. “She had no clue,” he tells Country Weekly. “I told her we going to Las Vegas to go gambling.” Once they were in Vegas, David Allan told Kimberly the next morning what he actually had in mind—they were going to get married.

“He pulled quite the surprise on me,” an obviously pleased Kimberly told Country Weekly. “It was very sweet and very simple.”

The ceremony was indeed brief but did include a “kingly” visitor of sorts. “One of those Elvis impersonators was out there and he heard what was going on. He was all dressed up in his Elvis costume,” David Allan laughs. “He told me he used to work in Branson and he heard me up there one time. So, he was there.”

Toby Keith attended and served as an official witness to the nuptials. “I was in his movie, Beer for My Horses, and we know each other real well,” David Allan explains. The ceremony was also attended by a few of the couple’s friends who live in the area.

“I thought that I would never get married again,” David Allan admits. “But Kimberly has stayed on the road with me and whatever has needed to be done, she has taken care of it. That’s the kind of person I want to have around me, someone who does their part. I feel like I have been through enough in my life,” he adds with earnest sincerity. “It’s time to have a little bit of happiness.”


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