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Darius Rucker Loves His Duck Callers

At some point, you reach an age where spending the day in your room pouting isn’t going to accomplish anything . . . unless your name is Darius Rucker.

“We had an idea for the “Wagon Wheel” video that fell through, and yeah, I was pretty disappointed,” explains Darius during a recent interview with Country Weekly. “I was feeling all down and my wife walked in the room, looked at me and said she knew what we needed to do. She came up with the idea of calling the guys from Duck Dynasty. At the time, I thought it was sweet, but thought to myself that it was never going to happen.”

Oh, Darius. Never doubt a woman dealing with a pouting hubby.

“I didn’t call my management with the idea . . . my wife did,” laughs Darius, whose new music video for “Wagon Wheel” features cameos by A&E’s Duck Dynasty cast members Willie, Korie, Sadie, Jase and Uncle Si Robertson alongside Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley. “I couldn’t believe it was all going to work out. I was the biggest dork on that video set. Si walked up to me and I was just freaking out. I just love all of them! There is nothing they do that doesn’t make me laugh and there is nothing better than meeting people you are such a fan of.”

In terms of the single, Darius says it’s particularly heartwarming to see the “little song that could” continue to trek up the charts. “We cut it and I thought it would be a great way to end the album, but when I heard what my producer Frank Rogers was able to do with it and then Lady Antebellum added the background vocals and well, it just became a no-brainer.”

Set for release in May, Darius says his new album True Believers has a bit brighter sound than his past two solo country albums. “There is a song called ‘Radio’ about a time before you could just go get songs off the Internet that I just love,” says Darius, who embarks on his first headlining tour May 9 in Estero, Fla.  “There is another song called ‘Miss You’ that I wrote with Frank Rogers that is unlike anything I have ever written before. I can’t wait for the fans to hear the entire album.”


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