CW Exclusive: Martina Across America

Eleven cities, eleventh album—you get the picture.

CHICAGO—Take a cross-country train trip spanning over 2,400 miles, and eventually you are bound to see something odd outside your window. Just ask Martina McBride.

“I looked out the window yesterday and there’s my videographer up in a crop-duster taking footage of the train,” recalls Martina on Wednesday (Oct. 12) during a train stop at Chicago’s Union Station. “First she’s on one side of the train. Then she’s on the other side. Definitely not something you see every day.”

Rest assured, Martina’s Eleven Across America Powered by Amtrak cross-country train tour is giving the powerhouse vocalist ample time to see the country from an entirely new perspective. “I didn’t want to take a nap yesterday because I didn’t want to miss anything,” Martina says with a laugh.

The reason for the trip? Her new album, Eleven, was released Oct. 11. Yes, it's her eleventh album and, yes, she's stopping in 11 cities on the train trip.

“Especially at night, it drives me crazy to not know what’s out there and what I’m not seeing," Martina continues. "Watching America pass by the window . . . it’s just very inspiring.”

Inspiration in itself has been known to deliver great results, and in Martina’s case, great songs. She co-wrote more than half of the songs on the new album, including the Target deluxe edition tracks “Ask the Boy” and “You’re in My House Now”.

“It’s so hard to choose what to put on a record, and as a record goes along, you have to really feel it out and pick those songs that will ultimately be cohesive with the entire album,” says Martina, who will conclude the four-day train tour in New York City. “The cool thing about having an exclusive version is you get to use those songs that you love so much in a really important way. So many times you end up cutting songs that you are attached to. These songs never see the light of the day. It’s great to have an outlet for them.”’s preview of the Target exclusive tracks can be found here.


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