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Crossfire With Terri Clark, Chuck Wicks and Sunny Sweeney

America's Morning Show team spills the beans on one another.

photo by Claire Tallerico/Cumulus Radio

For country music fans in New York City, 2013 has been a dream come true. Earlier this year, the city got its first country station in nearly 20 years—WNSH FM or 94.7 NASH FM.

And then in June, Blair Garner, one of the biggest personalities in country music and syndicated radio, and a National Radio Hall of Fame Class of 2013 inductee (as well as a CW contributor), launched the station’s America’s Morning Show with co-hosts Terri Clark, Sunny Sweeney and Chuck Wicks.

CW chatted with Terri, Sunny and Chuck about their new jobs. And what does the America’s Morning Show team really think of one another? Well, we found out.

What’s the best advice you got from Blair?

TERRI: Not to drop “F” bombs and not to talk over each other. It’s a family show, we need to keep it clean and we all tend to go to the gutter because that’s what people do. But we know who’s listening—it’s morning drive time, there are kids in cars.

SUNNY: Play to the people in the room. There are people listening, but we’re the ones talking. And I think that’s why I wasn’t nervous because we’re all there just doing it together.

CHUCK: Remember the audience. Remember that there’s a mother in their car listening to you, but there’s also a mother with a child in that car. You’re in cars and you’re in people’s radios where anybody can hear you and some of those people are kids or some of them are somebody like your grandparents. You don’t want to forget that.

Who is the funniest?

TERRI: Everbody is just as funny as the other person for their own unique reasons. 
SUNNY: That’s a close call. Seriously, everybody is funny and they’re fun. Terri is pretty funny.
CHUCK: I am.

Who is the smartest?

TERRI: Blair. Gonna go with the safe answer there. Blair is extremely smart, very intelligent. 
SUNNY: Blair. 
CHUCK: I am.

Who’s the sweetest?

TERRI: Blair. 
SUNNY: Chuck. He’s a dude, but he has a very sweet heart. 
CHUCK: I am.

Who is most likely to start an argument?

TERRI: Sunny. 
SUNNY: I don’t think anybody. 
CHUCK: I am. No, Sunny.


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