Country Video Director Kickstarts Feature Film

Director Chris Hicky goes from music video to movie.

You know him best as the man behind such amazing country music videos as Keith Urban’s “Tonight I Want to Cry,” Chris Young’s “You” and Miranda Lambert’s “White Liar,” and now Chris Hicky is making the leap from music video to feature film.

The leap is a monumental milestone for Chris. “It’s been a lifelong dream of mine as far back as I can remember to make movies and to entertain others through movies,” he tells Country Weekly. “Music videos were kind of a stop along the way to that point, kind of where I cut my teeth. Music videos were a way for me to not only learn how to direct, but learn how to work with crews, learn how to work with actors, learn how to work with budgets and learn how to express creativity in one or two days. Now I get to expand that knowledge and craft into a monthlong journey in feature films.”

This extremely talented video director will begin shooting his first full-length feature, The Grace of Jake, this September. The movie tells the story of wayward musician Jake Hayes, played by real-life blues artist Jake La Botz, from his release from a California prison to a small town in Arkansas where he searches for his father. But the film is neither biographical or autobiographical. “Where the movie is biographical is it’s completely about where I grew up—the people, the sounds, the flavors,” he says. “The people you meet in the movie are caricatures of people I’ve known. So, I think it’s a very true movie in that it’s authentic to my romanticized idea of where I grew up. It’s meant to feel real and raw and organic, but it’s a movie. It’s a fictional reality, but it has touchstones based in the truth.”

The Grace of Jake has been collaboratively funded through a Kickstarter campaign that offers supporters some of the most unique and fun rewards we’ve ever seen, including a production diary and a sweet tea recipe, tickets to a private screening of the film or a line of dialogue in the movie. And that line of dialogue could be opposite another of the film’s actors, Jordin Sparks.

It isn’t too late for you to be a part of this unique opportunity. Go to the The Grace of Jake project page to see how you can take part in this experience and become part of the movie-making business. Or learn more about Chris at

And get ready for your close-up!


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