Country Artists Tweet the Super Bowl

Another Super Bowl is in the books, and it was indeed a memorable one not least because of the San Francisco 49ers' near comeback in the second half against the Baltimore Ravens. There was also a massive halftime performance from Beyoncé, the always popular commercials and the highly unusual stadium blackout.

Our country-singing friends were watching as well, and tweeted their thoughts on everything surrounding Super Bowl XLVII.

"This is what the Superbowl is supposed to be like," tweeted Darius Rucker as the 49ers closed the points gap on the Ravens.

"Good Super Bowl yesterday, went right down to the wire," observed Charlie Daniels this morning.

"Great game last night… congrats Ravens… 5 years ago when they drafted Joe Flacco out of Delaware State people went Huh? Well huh = MVP!" said The Oak Ridge Boys' Joe Bonsall in support of Baltimore's quarterback.

Among the advertisements, the Ram Trucks brand "Farmer" spot featuring the voice of Paul Harvey was a favorite among country singers, as well as the Budweiser Clydesdale ad, among others.

"LOVED the Paul Harvey commercial! Spoke to the heart of this farm girl!!!" tweeted Sara Evans as it aired.

"@saraevansmusic me too!" said Martina McBride in reply. "I wanna go buy a Dodge Ram something or other RIGHT NOW!"

"Loved the Paul Harvey Farmers ad, the Clydesdale, the Joe Montana Stain the Jeep welcome home soldiers ad with The Pacific music was my FAV," opined the Oaks' Joe Bonsall.

"BTW I still like the Oreo the best [so] far. Taco Bell runner up," added Chris Young.

There was also the bizarre half-hour blackout early in the third quarter, which brought out the country music comedians.

"I think Beyonce broke the power!--girls DO run the world!" joked Laura Bell Bundy.

"Guys, the Puppy Bowl is still on, AND they never lost power….#turnittoanimalplanet -dave," added Lady Antebellum's Dave Haywood.

It was a wild evening, and Rascal Flatts' Joe Don Rooney managed to sum it up perfectly with this tweet: "It was a blowout then it was a blackout then it was a shootout! #SuperBowlXLVII."


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