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Comedian Jeff Dunham Brings “Achmed Saves America” to Television

“Toby Keith would probably scare him big time,” says the comedian about his former terrorist character.

Richard McLaren/Shock Ink

By all accounts, Achmed the Dead Terrorist is a “most beloved failed bad guy” who doesn’t scare easily. Heck, if he wasn’t dead, he just might be a tad dangerous—or at least a bit leery of some of country music’s biggest stars.

“Toby Keith would probably scare him big-time,” says comedian Jeff Dunham, laughing, about the hugely popular character he first introduced to his legion of fans back in 2006. “He wouldn’t quite know how to take some of his songs. Reba [McEntire] would probably scare him to death, too, with her big red hair and all. He most certainly would have never in his life seen a woman like that.”

Good ol’ Achmed the Dead Terrorist makes his television debut this week via the animated feature Achmed Saves America, playing on CMT this Friday, March 28, at 10pm ET. “It’s probably one of the most pro-American things you will see on television all year,” says Jeff in an interview with Country Weekly. “Achmed falls in love with all the trappings we take for granted, from unlimited buffets to frozen yogurts, and starts to realize what a great country this is. It’s a heartwarming, charming story. And since it is animated, it was so cool to make. You can do anything and go anywhere with the animation because there are no limitations.”

Achmed Saves America is just one of the many offerings of CMT’s “Can’t Stop Laughing Week,” which will include everything from the Party Down South Reunion Special to an all-new episode of My Big Redneck Family. “It might be really cool to make Achmed a country music fan,” muses Jeff, who remains one the most popular live comedy acts in the world. “That would be hilarious. He would probably love someone like Luke Bryan.”

And his favorite country song of Luke’s would be?

“Definitely ‘Take My Drunk Ass Home,’” Jeff says. “Achmed would probably love that one.”


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