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Carrie Underwood Plans Honeymoon “Someplace Warm”

Carrie Underwood’s strategy for being a stress-free bride is simple: let others do the planning for you. She told reporters after her CMA Music Festival performance on June 10 that her hubby-to-be, Ottawa Senators player Mike Fisher, is in charge of planning the couple’s honeymoon, and apparently he’s pretty good at keeping it a secret. She says that they will have a honeymoon, “but I don’t know where it is, it’s a surprise. That was Mike’s project and I have no clue where we’re going. I know it will be warm, that’s about all I know.”

Carrie does have at least one idea for a wedding gift, though. “We really didn’t register [for gifts], because we just want people there. The basics are always nice. A nice wine or something, we can write your name on it, when you come over for dinner, we break it out. We just want people there, that’s the best gift.”

With her recent win for Entertainer of the Year at the Academy of Country Music Awards and her high-production-value Play On Tour, one would think that Carrie would try to outdo herself on her next tour. Not so, she says. “I feel like as far as touring goes and bright lights versus nothing, a lot of that varies from album to album. After the whole Entertainer of the Year win, I felt it was time to have more wow moments in the show. I might follow that up next year with an acoustic tour, with nothing. That would probably just about be my favorite thing. There are so many things in the [current] show right now that I absolutely love that I’ve never done before. They are so exciting for me because they are so new for me. My love is singing, and I could stand in front of a microphone and do that all day long and be happy for me. I will probably go back and forth and find new ways to keep things interesting for me and the fans.”


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