Carrie Underwood Gets Sentimental About Her Jewelry

The star dishes on her favorite style and beauty tips

Carrie Underwood will no doubt look glamorous when she's all dolled up on the red carpet at the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday (April 1), but the singer recently dished to InStyle Magazine on her everyday fashion and beauty tips.

For starters, this Grammy-winning singer knows her colors, and she sticks to them. "Most of my closet consists of white, black, and gray items. They are easy to travel with because everything matches," says Carrie. "But, I love to wear pink. I think pink works against my skin, plus I get to feel girly!"

Carrie says she's not big into jewelry, but the pieces she does wear are sentimental. "Onstage, it's a little different, because I can be funky and wear things I might not wear in everyday life. My husband [hockey player Mike Fisher]'s go-to gift for birthdays and anniversaries is pieces of jewelry, so I love to wear things that he gets me. They make me smile and think about him."

Again and again on the red carpet, Carrie has stuck with a "less is more" philosophy of dressing, opting for clothing that's not overly revealing, yet shows off what she considers her best asset--her toned legs. "Even if I'm not working out as much, my legs hold up pretty well. So, I tend to cover up the rest of my body and show the legs," says Carrie, who adds that a quality shimmer lotion is the way to go to highlight her legs. "A good shimmer lotion makes them stand out and look more defined and toned. I have an arsenal of shimmery stuff that I use—you name it, I've used it! I hate to recommend anything because everything works differently on different people."

The surprising item this singer often carries in her purse? A dog treat. "You never know when a good doggie will need a treat," says Carrie, who frequently travels with canine companion Ace.


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