Carrie: “I have the biggest prize.”


The big winner at the CMT Music Awards, which were held June 9, was Carrie Underwood, who took home trophies for CMT Performance of the Year for her performance of “Temporary Home” on Invitation Only: Carrie Underwood, as well as the coveted Video of the Year trophy for her “Cowboy Casanova” clip.

Carrie told reporters backstage that “Temporary Home,” which she wrote with inspiration from fiancé Mike Fisher, is a special song for her. “I love that song. It really does mean a lot to me. I feel like with each album I get more creative writing. That song to me is one of the most important things I’ve ever written down on a piece of paper, and I love singing it every single night. Every single night, people sing it with me, and there’s nothing like that,” Carrie said.

Mike, an Ottawa Senators hockey player, was with her during her wins last night and she says having him with her made winning twice as nice. “It’s really great having him there because no matter what happens, I go home a winner,” said Carrie. “I have the biggest prize, and it’s the guy sitting next to me. Win or lose, I know he’s proud of me. Having him here for anything is great.”

While she has a wedding to plan, Carrie is still relaxed about their upcoming nuptials. “We’re still working on everything. I haven’t been to many weddings, so I don’t have that much to compare it to. It’ll just be me and Mike,” said Carrie. “ We’ve never been married before, so it won’t be like anybody else’s wedding.”

While wedding details are still underway, she is pleased that her country music friends have taken Mike in as part of the country music family. “Everybody has been so nice and welcomed him. He was talking to Brad Paisley earlier and he was like, ‘Let’s go hang out.’ I was like, ‘I have to go back on the road!’ and Mike replied, ‘We don’t need her. Let’s go.’ So everybody’s been great, not that I expected anything different, ’cause I know what kind of people I’m around.”

Carrie also knows how giving her fans are, and she was delighted that they voted her a winner at the CMT Music Awards show. She says she feels that love every night on her current Play On Tour. “[The fans] have made me and all of us [artists]. For me it’s a little bit different, because they were there before I had an album, before I had a record deal, before I had a tour going on. They made me from the ground up. It’s so great being on the road and seeing all of them. I kind of took a year off last year and wrote and recorded. Every time I go back out on the road, it’s a re-energizing situation every night. You can feel that. You can feel their energy. They are amazing. They work harder than any of us. They call radio stations and say, ‘Play Carrie, play Carrie, play Carrie.’ They are the ones who get my [songs] to No. 1, and they spread the word. It really is Team Carrie.”


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