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Blake Shelton Keeps It Real

“I don’t think I'm a bad guy, I just think that I'm an honest guy,” says Blake.

photo by Chris Hollo/Sirius XM

It probably goes without saying, but nobody can accuse Blake Shelton of being dishonest, for better or worse. His candid, sometimes brash approach has won him fans and detractors alike, but it's really just essential to his own well-being.

Blake explained his mind-set and how it relates to country music during a SiriusXM Town Hall event yesterday (March 24) in downtown Nashville with host Storme Warren. Audience guests at the intimate gathering asked questions about Blake's new album, Based on a True Story . . . , The Voice and songwriting, which Blake answered while sipping an adult beverage from a red plastic cup.

"I think the worst thing that we can do as a genre—and I'm just one guy and me saying this right now, I'm gonna have the hell beat out of me for saying this, but I don't care," he began, responding to a question about portraying country music in a positive light on television.

"You can't straddle the fence. You have to be somebody. You have to stand for something," he continued. "When I think, man, if everybody's just vanilla and everybody's happy all the time and nobody's making mistakes and everybody goes to church every Sunday and Wednesday, that's all great. But meanwhile there's a big portion of the people out there that can't relate to that kind of lifestyle and they have struggles every day. They go to work, and they get made and they get divorced and they get married and they get drunk and they do dumb things. If we as artists can't be those people, then how do we expect them to relate to us?"

He noted that he might alienate some people who don't approve of his penchant for profanity on Twitter or his fondness for adult beverages, but it's easier than trying to hide. "I don't think I'm a bad guy, I just think that I'm an honest guy," he explained. "I try to be that guy on TV, when I'm representing our genre on The Voice. Millions of people watch that show and I want them to see a real person sitting there."

SiriusXM's Town Hall with Blake Shelton will premiere on The Highway, channel 59, Tuesday, March 26, at 12 p.m. ET.

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