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Blake Shelton Finds a Gift

The Voice offers unexpected results.

Blake Shelton got an unexpected gift from The Voice: the show’s contestants reminded him how lucky he was to make music for a living.

During a Friday (Oct. 28) press conference on Sony Studios’ lot in Los Angeles to announce the launch of the second season of the popular NBC singing competition, Blake credited two members of his season one team for getting him excited about what he does. “From the standpoint of having been a guy now who’s been doing this for many years, 10 years now, as far as being on the radio, it’s easy to get calloused and it’s easy to forget what it was like to not have this,” Blake said. “Being around [his teammates Xenia and Dia Frampton], and seeing that look in their eyes and seeing that excitement when I took them out on the road with me . . . it was reminder, of 'Oh, my God, somewhere along the way I forgot what that was like and how lucky I am.' It rejuvenated me. . . . Maybe that’s why I got so attached to those two because they were making me feel alive again and excited about music.”

In fact, Blake intends to take Dia out on the road with him. Plus, he sang on her forthcoming album.

The other coaches, Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, and Cee-Lo Green were also at the event, as were show creator Mark Burnett and host Carson Daly.

A good-natured camaraderie flowed between the judges as they frequently busted each other’s chops. At one point, Christina praised Blake for nurturing Dia before knocking him down a peg: “Somewhere in there, he does have a heart and soul.”

For his part, Blake joked that the second season premiere would feature Christina trying to make out with him. Adam quickly jumped to Christina’s defense, joking to Blake: “That’s the episode where you tried to make out with Christina and she punched you in the face.”

In trademark Blake fashion, he kept the zingers coming. At one point, he and his fellow coaches discussed how the season two contestants —they just wrapped filming the blind auditions—were much savvier than the inaugural season’s singers. As he and a fellow judge were vying for a contestant to add to their respective teams, the finalist said, “‘I want to know which one of you is going to keep me, because he’s already thinking ahead to the Battle Round,” Blake said. “He wants a commitment further than that. That’s what we’re faced with because people watched the show last year and people know the game.”

He waited a beat before adding, “So I told him to kiss my ass.”

At one point Christina discussed how she had to adapt to the “locker room” mentality of her fellow judges and adjust to being the only girl. She found it was best to sink to their often crass level—a move Blake wholeheartedly endorsed. “Look,” he concluded at the press conference, “there’s no reason we can’t all talk about boobs.”

The season two premiere of The Voice occurs Feb. 5 in the sweet spot following the Super Bowl. The show's regular time slot is Mondays, 8-10 p.m. ET.


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