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Blake, Miranda Balance Career, Relationship

He'll spend time in California after tying the knot.

In many ways, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert will be like any working couple once they tie the knot later this month, finding a way to balance career and home life.

On the downside, they each have red-hot careers that require ample travel. Blake told reporters prior to his No. 1 party for “Who Are You When I’m Not Looking” that shortly after exchanging his vows with Miranda in May, he will take up residence in a rented house in California for nearly a month as he finishes his work as a coach and judge on the television talent competition The Voice. After that, he will hit the road on Brad Paisley’s H2O II World Tour.

On the upside, with two successful music careers, the couple has the means to travel to see each other, regardless of where their respective touring schedules take them. In the meantime, their careers will remain a priority.

“The one thing [Miranda] and I agree on right now is it is easier for [more established artists such as] Tim [McGraw] and Faith [Hill] to say, ‘We’re taking two months off.’ I can’t do that and neither can Miranda,” said the singer. “This is the [time in] our careers where [most people would] kill to do something like this. We love what we do and we love each other, but we’re also considerate of what’s going on with us [career-wise] right now and [the career] needs to be taken care of so it will take care of us on down the road. We’ll get there maybe in a couple of years, but sometimes things come out of nowhere and it’s hard to say no.

“We had my entire tour schedule laid out for almost the entire year when The Voice came," says Blake. "It’s like, ‘How the hell do we fit this in?’ I don’t know but we can’t say no. We just have to take advantage of opportunities right now. She’s really good about this. Miranda, most of the time if she has time off [work and] I’m not home, she’ll come find me on the road and just stay with me out there. I think that saves our relationship as much as anything."


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