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Big Vinny’s Biggest Loser Blog: Week 9

Screw your neighbors.

photo by Trae Patton/NBC

Hey, Y'all,

What an interesting, but fun week at the ranch. We all participated in a pentathlon.

This week we went back to singles instead of teams.

Alison Sweeney told us one of the first parts of this week would be to rank the remaining players by who we felt most deserved to be the Biggest Loser. I really tried to take this to heart and to vote for whom I felt was the most deserving. So obviously, I had to vote my boy Ramon number one. He is my best friend on the ranch and I really think he deserves it.

Antone is up there, too, but Ramon has been with me since Day One.

Next we played a game of "screw your neighbors." I knew I had to be strategic in this game, because I wanted to think about who would be the best in the pentathlon. I knew this was my chance to go for John because he always loses the most weight.

Of all the events this week, the monkey bar challenge was by far my favorite. I really had to challenge my body. It may not have looked hard, but one wrong move and your balance was completely thrown off. I think I could have finished first, if I hadn't had a small setback. Sunny killed it, though.

I will say this whole challenge was fun. I am all about a prize, but I have a hard time with someone losing the weight they worked hard for. A one-point disadvantage is a big deal. It can be the pound that sends someone home.

Another favorite round of this week was the nutrition quiz. Not only did it help to enlighten America to some important health facts, but also it showed that I am not a dumb redneck. I had the second highest points behind Antone. That's right; two Tennessee boys had the best scores in this round!

This week, I was also able to share a song I wrote with Bob. I named this song "To Get to You" because the hard hike we took up to a waterfall and a few other journeys in my life inspired it. Just like that hike, I have been going through hell to get to a better me.

I am working so hard to get to heaven, which to me is a life with my girlfriend, Lori.

How could I not mention that we got to meet Apolo Ohno? He is an American hero! It was so cool to meet him. I may not be able to be a faster skater than him, but I told him I could outdance him any day.

When weigh-in came around this week, I had another big week. I lost double digits again. I dropped another 10 pounds, bringing my weight to 335 pounds.

In the end, we lost Bonnie. She offered to go home so that Becky could stay.

Bonnie is such a sweet woman. She may have seemed like a complainer or a woman with sad parts to her past, but she is a strong woman who has been through a lot and I think the world of her.

Be sure to tune in next week for Thanksgiving at the ranch!—Big Vinny

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