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Big Vinny’s Biggest Loser Blog: Week 6

Halloween Week

photo by Trae Patton/NBC

Hey Y'all!

Well, last night was Halloween Week on the ranch! This week we were all one big team. I work best in a big group because I think it is extremely important to make sure everyone else is having fun. We all seemed to be getting along much better without being on three separate teams.

I loved walking into the kitchen and seeing Alison Sweeney dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein. She told us our temptation for the week was candy. We learned that for every pound of candy we ate, a one-pound advantage would be given at weigh-in. But just like the doughnut challenge, the candy was not a real issue for me because of my diabetes. I think I did a pretty good job of showing how this was not a temptation for me while working out and eating turkey right in front of the candy.

We also learned that if we collectively lost 100 pounds that week that nobody would be eliminated. With 10 of us left on the ranch that works out to about 10 pounds a piece. Seems easy enough, right?

I loved the apple maze challenge this week. It felt like a real piece of Halloween on the ranch. It was truly fun to work all as a team chasing after apples. Becky and I were a good team because I could carry a lot of apples, but couldn't pick them up when my hands were full. Her brain and my brawn allowed us to successfully carry more apples than I would have on my own.

The trainers had perfect costumes for this week: the Three Musketeers. They really got involved with the all for one week. Working out with all three trainers was a nice change. For me, Dolvett remained the hardest trainer. I loved hitting the tire with the sledgehammer!

Bob Harper and I had some one on one time this week. I really enjoyed talking with Bob. It was nice talking to someone who understood the life I grew up in. Bob is from Tennessee and understands Southern food and Southern livin’. One of my other favorite memories from the week was joining two members of the Black Team. Joe and I worked together to push Sunny up the hill in the wheelbarrow. We were tired, but it was a fun time. Sunny was hilarious the whole time and I felt like Joe was my little yard gnome beside me. Yep, he's my little gnomeo.

This week at weigh-in, I started out at 372 pounds and lost 5 pounds, which left my weight total at 367 pounds. That was a far cry from the 10 pounds I needed to pull to get us all to 100 pounds lost. Every time I lose more weight, I know it is another step towards getting my life back.

Things got a little heated at the elimination that night. It was hard for me knowing that we were all given such a great opportunity to get our lives back at the ranch. I really believed we should be taking advantage of such a great opportunity and compared to the rest, I didn't feel like Jennifer got it and because of that she was the first member of the Black Team to be sent home.

I hope everyone enjoys their Halloween and doesn't eat too much candy.

In case y'all were wondering about my Halloween, I don't know what I am going to be this year, but I do make a really great Fred Flintstone!

See y'all next week!


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