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Big Vinny’s Biggest Loser Blog: Week 13

The Finale

Alison Sweeney, Johnny Forger, Becky Comet, Jessica Limpert, Vinny Hickerson
photo by Trae Patton/NBC

Hey Y'all,

Well, we finally made it to Finale week!

This was such an exciting time because our entire Biggest Loser family got to reconnect in Los Angeles. I was so proud of the transformations everyone went through this season. Every single one of the contestants looked so good. I was so proud to know that ever since that first moment of meeting in the desert, none of us gave up.

It was really fun to be on the stage experiencing the show live with the rest of America. I was able to look out into the crowd and see all of my supporters. I had so many friends and family with me, but it was truly the best to see my fiancée, Lori, watching me from the crowd. She has seen my journey full circle; from the moment I was diagnosed with diabetes to all of my weight loss here on the show. I have to say, I think I looked extremely dapper in my blue crush velvet jacket from Robert Graham. And in case anyone was wondering, I got to keep it, so look out Nashville! Sexy Vinny will be returning to town soon.

When I was on stage talking to Alison Sweeney, they asked me to turn around. I had no idea what kind of joke they were playing until I saw Dolvett in an old pair of my overalls. Those things looked like a tent on him! The two of us could have easily fit in there together.

When it came time to see who was going up for the at home prize, I was so honored to be in the group of three. Both Jennifer and Patrick looked amazing. I was so proud to be standing beside them. My total weight loss from the show was 184 pounds. Although it was not enough to beat Jennifer for the prize, I still feel so accomplished. I can’t believe I lost by 4 pounds!!! I think it was important for Jennifer to win so she could see how much of a champion and a winner she is. Although I have felt this way throughout my entire journey, I know not everyone else has. It is so inspiring that she was able to lose all the weight while having a bum leg to boot!

When it came time for the final three to compete for the grand prize, I could not believe the transformations those guys had made. John, Antone and Ramon all looked so incredible. I had the honor of being on teams with both Antone and Ramon throughout the season, so I was so proud of their transformations and the work they put in. After much anticipation, John was announced the winner. It was so fun being on the stage with all the confetti coming down. We were able to stand onstage and feel so proud of how far we had come. All I wanted to do was hug my Biggest Loser family and tell them how proud I was of all of them.

Now that the season 12 is over, I am excited for the road ahead. I want to continue inspiring people to get their lives on track. And, I want to continue to pursue every single one of my dreams. Before The Biggest Loser, there were dreams that my weight prevented me from achieving. I no longer have anything standing in my way.

I can't wait to see where I am able to go from here. —Vinny

Read about all of Vinny’s progress during the show at!


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