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Big Vinny’s Biggest Loser Blog: Week 5

Vinny on ice

Hey Y'all!

So when this week's episode started, I was so excited to see a giant Plinko board behind Alison Sweeney. Seriously, who doesn't love The Price Is Right?

We were told that whoever's chip landed in the right spot would get to go home for a week with their trainer. Man, would I have loved that prize! Taking Dolvett home to Nashville would have been such an awesome experience. I would have introduced him to all my family and friends; and I would have wanted him to teach me all that he could about how to live a healthy lifestyle on a tour bus. Plus, who wouldn't have loved to see Dolvett dance Big Vinny style in one of my favorite honky-tonks. Although, I didn't win this challenge, I am very glad to report the Red Team finally beat the Black Team in the soda challenge. Our prize for winning was to send someone we know to the Biggest Loser ranch so they can experience the same lifestyle changes we did. I haven't sent anyone out there yet, but I think I will definitely send my brother if his schedule is free enough.

This week I also had a serious talk with my friend John on the Black Team. John always felt like he didn't have any friends, and I really wanted him to see that people do want to be his friend and he doesn't have a target on his back. He also helped me out by encouraging me even though I haven't been losing as much weight as the other big guys on the ranch. He helped me see that I really have been doing my best.

We had our man-to-man chat as we were taking ice baths. The key to a perfect ice bath is to put a layer of ice in the tub, get in and add more ice. It hurts a whole lot, but it definitely helps your body. My other advice on the subject: you definitely don't want to be naked in front of anyone after one of those. Just take my word for it.

Now, if you watched the episode, you met someone named Cecil. Cecil was a joke we started on the first day of the ranch because my belly was always hanging out of my shirt. We would always joke about how one day we would be burying my old friend Cecil. These jokes did not go over well with Dolvett. In fact, we got in an argument in the gym about how joking about my weight was not making my life any better. I needed to stop joking and really make myself better. Needless to say, he kicked my butt in the gym that day.

At elimination, we lost to the Black Team again. Also losing to the Blue Team meant we had to send a player home. That is always the hard part, losing another family member. I had to vote for Courtney this week because Jessica and Ramon were more of my strength on the ranch. I needed them. I knew Courtney would do well dealing with some of her issues at home instead of just at the ranch.

Well, that's all from me this week. I hope you tune in next week for another special episode!


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